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Opening to Difficulty

Seeing what is, the reality of our situation, is the beginning of wisdom.

A Primer on Ecological Crises
Lou Leonard and Kritee Kanko discuss the causes and potential policy responses to the climate crisis.

Our Response

As a Virtual EcoDharma Center, our principal offering is the wisdom teachings and practices that support turning towards the reality of our situation and cultivating appropriate response. Guided by a teaching council representing several Buddhist traditions, we offer core programs such as the EcoSattva Training as well as EcoDharma articles curated from around the web by our editorial team.

Our offerings regularly integrate an understanding of how other social movements including racial and economic justice inform, support and compliment ecological concerns. Through a steady flow of insights, reflections, practices and fresh perspectives, we support our membership in developing a stable, rational and compassionate response to our collective challenges.

We invite you to explore and take part in our EcoDharma offerings, highlighted below.

We can meet our eco-anxiety and soothe the suffering we find there. Yet we need not be ruled by fear.

The EcoSattva Training

A Course to Cultivate Wisdom, Connection, and the Roots of Compassionate Action

EST Tree
Discovering Our Unshakable Response

“The Dharma is a terrific lens through which to view ecoactivism. This has helped me think about ways to help others who are either overwhelmed or think no action can be sufficiently effective and have given up.”

Materials are available now. Start when you like and move at your own pace.


Meditating in Winter
In a world that values endless growth, what lessons does the stillness of winter hold for us? Mark Coleman offers this practice from his book, A Field Guide to Nature Meditation.

Rather than merely giving up something we want, renunciation chooses what is more valuable.

Creative Offerings