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Opening our hearts to the reality of climate change is by itself a courageous practice, perhaps even radical action in a predominant culture that trains us not to be connected to our suffering. It takes courage to turn our purposeful attention towards the issue of global climate change during a time when this is uncomfortable, uncertain and unpopular. Your willingness is the stuff of transformation. Whether we work together on the One Earth Sangha project or not, we are already in sangha with you.

What follows below will orient you to our current needs, give you information about what might be involved and let you know how to follow up with us.


We have identified what we think are a number of exciting positions (both paid and volunteer) with various levels of qualifications and time requirements. Some positions we can wait to fill; others are needed right away. We’re looking to build a solid team with realistic time commitments and clear roles. We’ll be focused on our tasks but also connecting to one another.

As we aspire to build a vibrant, diverse community fully engaged on climate change, all positions call for awareness of the dynamics of privilege (racial, economic, geographic, citizen status, physical abilities, etc.). While you might not have much experience with this topic, qualified candidates will be open to and interested in that ongoing conversation. We also have the intention of connecting to joy, as action in service of life has a way of relieving anxiety. Most of all, we wish to view our work together as practice. Here are the roles we are looking to add to Team 1ES (Team One Earth Sangha):

There are currently no openings for paid positions. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about future openings.

Social Media Specialist

Help One Earth Sangha engage and inspire our global audience. We are seeking a social specialist at 5-7 hours per week to spread the word about our offerings, amplify other EcoDharma voices, and take the lead in developing our social media strategy.

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EcoDharma Program Manager (full-time)


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The full-time EcoDharma Program Manager will play a central role in the design, development, and delivery of our EcoDharma Programs. Our programs include the EcoSattva Training and monthly EcoDharma Explorations. We are now developing new, complementary programming to support ongoing engagement, practice, and connection. We seek a program manager to take the lead on this full set of online offerings.

Volunteer Opportunities

Web Production

  • Role: Help us format our EcoDharma articles (and other content) for publication on our Wordpress platform. You’ll also assist in sourcing compelling images and transferring content to our newsletter template in Mailchimp.
  • Qualifications: Some web editing experience, image manipulation and layout. Familiarity with WordPress, HTML, and Mailchimp desirable.
  • Touch Points for Coordination: Director and Web Producer.
  • Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week


  • Role: Work in our Mailchimp system to assemble the components of our monthly newsletters.
  • Qualifications: Comfort with technology, specifically light HTML and image formatting. Experience with Mailchimp is not required but a big plus.
  • Touch Points for Coordination: Director and Web Producer.
  • Time Commitment: 1-3 hours per week.

Following Up

If any of these volunteer roles sound like a good fit for your interests, skills and availability, we’ll be excited to hear from you. Send an email to , include the title of the position(s) you’re interested in and share your answers to the questions below. Don’t feel the need to write a big essay; feel free to keep it short and to the point. That said, if you want to share context, subtleties or your quirky personality, go for it!
  1. Why are you interested in joining our team? What does working on One Earth Sangha represent to you?
  2. Which position are you interested in?
  3. How do your skills and experience fit the qualifications? Feel free to share additional skills beyond those we mentioned that might be of interest.
  4. Have you held other volunteer positions in the past? If so, what were some of the rewards and challenges of that work? Even if you haven’t, what do you think might be especially rewarding and challenging about working on One Earth Sangha?
Beyond answering these questions, feel free to share anything else that you think might be helpful. If it looks like you might be a good fit for one of our positions, we’ll get back to you in order to continue the conversation. Regardless, we thank you for your expression of love for the Earth and for your interest in joining us on this path. May you know your belonging to all of life. May you rest in natural and great peace.

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