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The “Bad Guys”

On Right Relations with Deniers, Delayers, and Destroyers

Kevin Gallagher leads this EcoDharma Exploration on June 23, 2024. We welcome your support for this program.

Registration is now open.

What does it mean to be in right relations with those who deny the realities of accelerating ecological degradation, social injustice, and individual suffering or, worse, who actively exacerbate those interwoven crises? Whether because we share close personal ties with those who are dismissive of the crises of our time, because we are actively engaged in the work of participating in and growing movements seeking to mitigate those issues, or simply because they occupy such prominent places in our cultural landscape, the “bad guys” are an inescapable part of life for many.

This unavoidable interdependence raises a host of issues, in both our personal practice and our roles as advocates and activists attempting to reduce suffering in the world at large. How might we relate to the “bad guys” with equanimity and compassion? How might we understand their seemingly inexplicable perspectives? How might we interact with them, when necessary, in ways that reduce suffering rather than replicate systems of violence and harm? Is it worthwhile engaging with them directly in the hopes that they might eventually be part of the “solution” or are such attempts merely wastes of our finite personal and collective time, energy, and resources?

In this deep dive into the topic, we will view the predicament of “bad guys” through a range of lenses – Buddhist, evolutionary, developmental, psychological, strategic – with the hopes of gaining new insights into how we might better relate, on behalf of both people and planet, to those who cause so much harm.

One Earth Sangha offers monthly EcoDharma Explorations. Join our featured speakers and One Earth Sangha for a live Zoom gathering on June 23, 2024, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM US Eastern / 8:30 to 10:30 AM US Pacific / 5:30 to 7:30 PM CET. If you can’t make it to the gathering, a recording will be available.

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin is an attorney, author, and facilitator. He spent a decade in Washington, D.C. working on climate change, clean energy, and international peace building issues. He is a core member of the Council on the Uncertain Human Future and an organizing member of Sacred Activism, a think tank exploring the intersection of climate change and mindfulness. He has trained with the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, the Center for Council, School of Lost Borders, and the Work That Reconnects.

Registration for this exploration is open now. This program is donation-based, with no required registration fee. We welcome your contributions to support this program and the work of One Earth Sangha.

**NOTE** To give us ample time to organize our shared space, we will be implementing a $20 (refundable) late registration fee for sign ups that take place within 30 minutes of the event. We seek your understanding and encourage you to register at least an hour in advance, if possible.

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