One Earth Community

We do not walk this path alone.
Coming to terms with and responding to what is underway requires the support of community.

EcoSanghas to Join

In-Person or Online

Group meets Monthly; discussion is in Nederlands.

LocationAvercampstraat 74
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1072 RB

Starting 10/14/2021, group meets Every other week; discussion is in English.

Gatherings begin at 07:15 pm (America/Vancouver time) for 1:45 (hours:minutes)

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Join beforeTuesday, October 12, 2021

Group meets Monthly; discussion is in English.

Gatherings begin at 10:30 am (Europe/Berlin time) for 2:00 (hours:minutes)

Join beforeFriday, December 31, 2021

Featured Online Course

from Our Networks

Climate, Justice, Nonviolence and Regenerative social change
Can we take the inconvenient and risky actions necessary to minimize suffering? How might taking such actions become more normal, healing, holistic, and beautiful? Can they authentically express our deepest spiritual truths?

Led by Boundless in Motion and hosted by One Earth Sangha, this course begins May 15. Applications open now.

Upcoming Events

from Our Networks

Moving Beyond Business as Usual
Empowering Climate Action hosted by Thanissara, Konda Mason and Friends, with special input from Elders Joanna Macy and Baba Mandaza Kandemwa.
The Climate of Now: A Series of Online Conversations
Terry Tempest Williams will host this conversation with Janet Gyatso, contemplating the sentience of all beings.
Building Wise and Resilient Responses to the Climate Crisis
In this six class online series, James Baraz, Pawan Bareja, PhD and Bob Doppelt will help you learn how to create a local culture of resilience.


from Leaders and Practioners

Stories of Community

A community is more than just a collection of people—it encompasses the way we care for each other and our world. In observance of Sangha Day, we highlight a Cambodian monastic community that exemplifies this care.