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We do not walk this path alone.
Coming to terms with and responding to what is underway requires the support of community.

EcoSanghas to Join

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Group meets Monthly; discussion is in Nederlands.

LocationAvercampstraat 74
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1072 RB

Featured Online Course

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Climate, Justice, Nonviolence and Regenerative social change
Can we take the inconvenient and risky actions necessary to minimize suffering? How might taking such actions become more normal, healing, holistic, and beautiful? Can they authentically express our deepest spiritual truths?

Led by Boundless in Motion and hosted by One Earth Sangha, this course begins May 15. Applications open now.

Upcoming Events

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Offered by Gil Fronsdal, Susie Harrington, Ram Appalaraju, and Kirsten Rudestam
Applications are now open for the 3rd Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Training Program, an online and residential program. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by June 1st, 2022.
Being Involved in COP
Exploring how we can be well informed and active within the international negotiations on climate change, we will hear talks and experiences from Berenice Danaé Espinoza H. and Ana Romero, whose work both revolves around climate action and education.
Residential Retreat With Stephanie Kaza and William Edelglass
Our intention is to build a community of support and connection to sustain and steady our hearts in a destabilized world. Whether you are just beginning this work or have been in it for some time, all perspectives and voices are welcome to this gathering.
With Nicola Redfern and Rosalie Dores
This course is recommended for participants who are at the beginning of their journey in responding to the climate emergency and/or practicing Insight Dialogue, as well as those with significant experience in both of these.
Facilitated by Djuna Devereaux
This four-session offering lends community support for you to consciously reduce your consumption of plastics.


from Leaders and Practioners

International Dharma Teachers' Statement on Climate Change

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