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Listening, Loving, Responding

Eco-Chaplaincy as Compassion in Action

Environmental educator, wilderness guide, and meditation teacher Kirsten Rudestam led this EcoDharma Exploration on June 25, 2023. A recording is available below. We welcome your support for this program.

Chaplaincy is the crucial work of providing spiritual care, frequently in moments of transition or crisis. In times like these, people often need forms of support that the larger culture doesn’t readily provide. A chaplain can serve as a trusted confidant, someone who will listen deeply to us and advise us, but not necessarily tell us what we want to hear.

What is it to chaplain one another, human and non-human, through the eco-social crises of our time? Kirsten Rudestam, a core faculty member of the Sati Center Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy training program, led this EcoDharma Exploration into how we might relate to one another and with Earth itself, as givers and receivers of spiritual nourishment.

This EcoDharma Exploration took place on June 25. You can find the recording of this event below.

Kirsten Rudestam, PhD works as an environmental educator, wilderness guide, and meditation teacher. She teaches field and classroom-based college courses in environmental justice and political ecology, is trained as a rites of passage guide through the School of Lost Borders and is a facilitator for Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects. Kirsten has been practicing in the Theravadan Buddhist lineage since 2001. She, Gil Fronsdal, Ram Appalaraju and Susie Harrington are the core faculty for the Sati Center Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy training program. Those interested in joining the program in the future are invited to contact them at .

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