Articles on EcoDharma

Reflections on a Public Act of Protest
Psychotherapist, author, and Buddhist priest Satya Robyn offers a vulnerable account of mindful disobedience.
An Interview with Jeff Wagner
In the first of a new interview series, outdoor educator, writer and non-profit founder Jeff Wagner reflects on localized belonging as resistance.
Mark Rasmuson
Mindfulness as a Therapeutic Approach to Eco-Anxiety
As the effects of the climate crisis manifest increasingly starkly across the world, therapists are seeing a dramatic uptick in despair related to ecological crises. Several are applying mindfulness techniques to ease the burden.
A Space to Cultivate Willingness, Courage and Intimacy
David Loy and Johann Robbins speak to the individual and communal need for ecobuddhist retreats.
A Buddhist Climate Scientist Discusses Wholeness in the Workplace
Must we choose between science and spirituality? A Tibetan Buddhist environmental educator makes the case for a both/and approach to environmental healing.
Dekila Chungyalpa
Roshi Joan Halifax at the Sakyadhita Spain Symposium 2020
Roshi Joan Halifax emphasizes the transformative role of unbiased compassion in responding to suffering, including ecological crisis.
Tilly Campbell-Allen
Navigating the Inner Waves of Ecological Crises
A young activist and Soto Zen practitioner envisions a skillful and healing-oriented response to the devastation of our environmental crises.
Evguenia Ignatenko
Buddhist Monastics Practice Forest Protection
Moved by intimate awareness of dependent co-arising, monastics in Southeast Asia have become leaders in protecting their local environment.
Dipen Barua