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One Earth Sangha
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Beyond hope and hopelessness, how is the world calling us to emerge?
How might we surrender to the uncertainty and possibility of this moment, embracing solidarity with all life?
Meeting the Climate Future
In the first of a series of conversations with Roshi Joan Halifax and Rebecca Solnit, Christiana Figueres shares how grief and loss ground her ecological engagement and spiritual practice.
The sheer variety and magnitude of suffering in the world can be difficult to bear. But what might we discover if we turn toward the full complexity of our situation and abandon false narratives of our own powerlessness?
In this poem, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer reflects on the paradox of loving this gorgeous, hurting world.
How might we hold the immensity of Wynn Bruce's self-immolation without hardening into fixed view?
Where can we find strength and balance amid upheaval? Kaira Jewel Lingo shares a message of compassionate courage from her new book.
As another year fraught with uncertainty and peril draws to a close, Roshi Joan Halifax explores the power of wise hope, free from attachment, to bolster our engaged practice.
An Interview with Sister True Dedication
Sister True Dedication speaks to cultivating resilience and awakened climate action.
How can Dharma teachers and Buddhist sanghas renounce spiritual bypass and respond courageously to environmental crises and systemic injustice?