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Re-establishing Healthy Attachment
with Mother Earth

Jessica Morey, meditation teacher and founder of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, led this EcoDharma Exploration on January 28, 2024. A recording is available below. We welcome your support for this program.

Healthy attachment is an emotional bond that forms with our primary caregivers (rather than the root-of-suffering kind of attachment often highlighted in Buddhist teachings). This is an evolutionarily vital kind of attachment that helps human infants to survive. Securely attached children feel protected, supported and connected. Securely attached adults are resilient, compassionate and collaborative. In this session, participants explored re-establishing this kind of relationship with the earth as a foundation for our eco-activism.

This exploration took place on January 28, 2024. You can find the recording of this event below.

Susie Harrington

Jessica Morey is a meditation teacher and coach. She has been practicing meditation for three decades. She began her practice on teen retreats at the Insight Meditation Society and graduated from the IMS teacher training program in 2021. She brings a sense of playfulness and care to her teaching and focuses on how we can bring our meditation practice off the cushion into our relationships and work. Jess studied engineering and worked in clean energy finance before founding Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, a nonprofit organization bringing youth in-depth mindfulness and compassion training.

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Additional Resources

  • Jessie shared about mourning/grief and how that shapes our relationship to Mother Earth. She offers a resource adapted from Francis Weller‘s Five Gates of Grief as a roadmap and guidepost for navigating grief.
  • Check out Jessie’s upcoming offering Contemplative Semester, happening this Fall.
  • You can find more of Jessie’s offerings and subscribe to updates on her website.

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