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Land-Based Ethics and Settler Solidarity in a Time of Corona and Revolution
We live in the legacy of colonialism, a human-, white-, and settler-centered view of reality. Buddhist scholar Natalie Avalos shows us how Indigenous and Dharma wisdom call us to live in Right Relationship with Earth and all beings.
Natalie Avalos
Is Western Dharma willing to address its own role in ecological crises? Posed a decade ago, a beloved teacher's questions reverberate.
An economic growth paradigm that produces endless consumerism and waste can only end in ruined lives and a ruined planet. Ajahn Sucitto contends that a life lived more simply can lead not only to personal satisfaction, but to surprising systemic change.
Tibetan Rinpoche Anam Thubten analyzes the gap between climate crisis awareness and action and then urges us to leave our comfort zones, embrace the Boddhisattva ideal, and close the gap.
Instead of click rates and ad buys, what if media outlets were guided by the ethics of "right speech"? Buddhistdoor Global explores the role of media in giving voice to the world.
As racial justice protests swell, compounding the COVID-19 crisis that can already feel overwhelming, the Dharma continues to offer perspectives and practices to help us navigate these samsaric waters.
How historic is this current moment of disruption? Will we forever talk about life BCV and ACV—before corona virus and after corona virus? And what does it teach us about climate change?