Upcoming Events from Our Networks

One Earth Sangha shares local and online events from around the world that express a Buddhist / mindfulness response to ecological crises.

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A Women’s Retreat
Join Jean Leonard, Sarah Heffron and Alice Robbins for this retreat that welcomes all who self-identify as women. This retreat is appropriate for both those relatively new to practice, as well as more seasoned practitioners who wish to deepen and strengthen their connection to the Dharma in nature.
Hybrid Retreat With Lama Rod Owens
Join Lama Rod in this retreat as we engage in contemporary tantric practice that incorporates not just profound and accessible practices, but also linking these practices with current justice movements.
A Dharma Talk by Dr. Larry Ward
We are in an environment of change that is not simply a rearranging of the pieces but a metamorphosis. In this talk, Dr. Ward will explore how many of our archtypes are in conflict with this transformation, whether it is the revolutionary, the pioneer, the liberator, or the cowboy to name a few.
With Thanissara and Charity Kahn
Gather to view in community this radical film which reveals the truths about the meat and dairy industry as it relates to human health, ethics, and the very future of the planet. We’ll follow the viewing with journaling, discussion, a guided meditation, and tools for responding to what comes up.
Kaia Svien interviewed by Hildur Palsdottir
Join Natural Dharma Fellowship for a series of monthly conversations about our experience of and engagement with the global ecological crisis from a Buddhist perspective.
With Kritee (Kanko), Kaira Jewel Lingo, Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish and Imtiaz Rangwala
Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center (RMERC) is hosting this retreat designed for empowering self-identifying people of color involved in change-making work.
With Rev. angel Kyodo williams Roshi and Jasmine Syedullah
Engaging with sound, presence, play, and practice, dive deep into the Radical Dharma approach to disrupting the structures of patriarchy, white supremacy, and oppression, and move through the fears and resistance that limit our ability to act from love.
With Keynote Speaker Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Join Faith in Place for this hybrid event, fully accessible virtually with local watch parties hosted in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The full Summit will include 6 sessions exploring the intersection of spirituality, the environment, and justice.
With Dr. Sarah Ray
This 4-week session brings together the heart-practices of mindfulness and research on climate psychology to cultivate greater capacity to cope with the psychological effects of climate change, reconnect with each other and the earth, and be of service to planetary healing.
With Tim Ream
This course addresses two overarching questions: How does the practice of liberation inform activism to benefit the Earth? How can Earth activism become the practice of liberation? The course is designed as practical instruction in Earth activism for people already practicing Dharma. No activist experience required. Love for the Earth is a prerequisite.