Upcoming Events from Our Networks

One Earth Sangha shares local and online events from around the world that express a Buddhist / mindfulness response to ecological crises.

If you would like to suggest an event for inclusion, use the "Contact Us" link in the footer to let us know.

Sister Santacitta, Pawan Bareja, and Thanissara with Guest teachers.
A four-part series exploring alignment with the heart's deepest intention to live and act in alliance with Mother Nature's sacred web of life for a sustainable, equitable world.
With Nicola Redfern and Rosalie Dores
In this seven week course, Nicola Redfern and Rosalie Dores integrate Joanna Macy’s Active Hope work and the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue to explore and awaken our capacity to respond to the climate emergency together.
With Jamie Bristow and Jonathan Rose
Join Jamie Bristow — co-director of The Mindfulness Initiative and one of the world’s leaders in applying mindfulness to politics and public life — for a special discussion about the importance of mindfulness and compassion practices as we move through the ‘age of consequences’ and into a new era of planetary health.
The Climate Crisis through the Lens of Buddhist Eschatology, Past and Present
This is a hybrid conference discussing nature and natural disaster from a Buddhist perspective.
The Creative Tension Between Urgency and Equanimity
Adam Lobel will explore the tension between burnout and bypassing, between urgency and equanimity. We may find a creative potency in the tension stretching between these two extremes — a middle way for our age.
A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency
In this session we will learn practices that enable us to go beyond our limited perception of reality to touch how interconnected with all life we are. Touching this interbeing, we can experience deep reverence for life and the earth, accepting that whatever we do to the earth (or any living being) we are really doing to ourselves.
With Katy Romita of One Small Stone
Following adrienne maree brown’s work on “emergent strategy” – the theory that when people come together in authentic conversations, new ideas and insights naturally emerge – this program builds community and sparks new ideas.
Pakistan and Somalia Fundraiser
We have seen the devastating news of flooding in Pakistan and drought in Somalia creating immense hardship, suffering and starvation. Buddhists across Traditions and Dales View Sangha have come together to offer an evening of meditation for us to gather in solidarity to raise funds for those who need our care at this time.