Upcoming Events from Our Networks

One Earth Sangha shares local and online events from around the world that express a Buddhist / mindfulness response to ecological crises.

If you would like to suggest an event for inclusion, use the “Contact Us” link in the footer to let us know.

with Karin Meyers
 Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
For intellectually curious Buddhist practitioners and anyone who wishes to explore the roots of socially and ecologically engaged Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia.
A Crucible for Reconciliation & Belonging
 Sacred Sangha Online
In the W. African Dagara Tradition, 2021 is a significant water year. Mbali Marais and Maia Marie, two South African teachers and guides, invite us to explore the Waters of Our Life.
 Upaya Institute and Zen Center
Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, Sensei Kritee Kanko, PhD, and other distinguished teachers explore how social justice and environmental health directly impact our individual and collective well-being.
A Homestead Retreat for Young Adults
 Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
A three-week homestead retreat for young adults (18-24), drawing inspiration from local farmers, scientists, artists, and activists, as well as the teachings of Joanna Macy. Apply by April 11th.