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spiritual bypass

An Open Letter from Rob Burbea
On the third anniversary of his death in May of 2020, we share this letter from Rob Burbea challenging dharma leaders to embrace the full implications of its ethical demands.
We Cannot Ignore Buddhist Extremism
Why are so many Buddhist practitioners reluctant to acknowledge Buddhist extremism? How can we respond when hateful ideologies take root and cause harm within our own traditions?
How can Dharma teachers and Buddhist sanghas renounce spiritual bypass and respond courageously to environmental crises and systemic injustice?
As we begin to emerge from Covid-19 restrictions, psychotherapist Emma Palmer calls into question our 'right to travel,' including the spiritual pursuit version.
Is Western Dharma willing to address its own role in ecological crises? Posed a decade ago, a beloved teacher's questions reverberate.
Eco-Dharma...must confront whiteness and privilege in order to "create earnest inter-dependent communities that understand that different people have different privilege and abilities," and seek to act on that understanding.
The Ulex Project
The new Ulex Project is one of three strands of training offered by the EcoDharma Centre -- training to thrive in, and bring healing to, damaged terrain.
An Interview with Thanissara - Part 1
"A direct knowing of our inter-connection initiates us into the sacred feminine." Thanissara explores how the sacred feminine is linked to the dharma and how, through body-focused practices, it can provide one channel for our earth-caring efforts to affect climate change.
All views are poetic. All understandings of reality, including "Nature," are interpretive. In this article, Gaia House teacher, Rob Burbea, explores how Western culture's views of "Nature" contribute to ecological crises and our opportunity to move beyond those limitations.
What can an immersion in the wild reveal? David Loy and Johann Robbins offer their perspective on a powerful avenue for investigating the nature of mind.