Remembering our Reciprocity with Earth – FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Remembering Our Reciprocity with Earth, an extended Earth Day offering from One Earth Sangha.


Exploration materials are available now! Registration remains open; you may join and start any time before the capstone Zoom gathering on April 25, the culmination of the previous weeks of teachings and practice.

You decide how you want to engage with the material offered—a little bit every day, a day-long deep dive, or somewhere in between.

While we encourage group participation, in person or online, you are absolutely welcome to join as as an individual. Either way, we hope that you’ll join the teachers and whole community for the live, online capstone gathering on April 25.

Without exception, everyone is invited to be a part of this training. Our only criteria for participation with others is that you engage the material with a sense of curiosity and thoroughly respect differing points of view.

Your registration includes:

  • Access to all materials on the Resources page: recorded teachings, guided meditations, inquiries, and more.
  • Access to the live gathering with teachers and participants on April 25.
  • A recording of the gathering will be posted on the Resources page by April 28 for anyone who wishes to revisit the gathering or could not join live.
  • All participants will have access to the materials indefinitely.

Accessing Sessions

We request that you don’t. Registrations support our operations, as well as helping us understand the reach of programs and improve future offerings.

However, we do not turn anyone away due to lack of funds. We provide scholarship support for anyone who cannot afford the full registration fee.

Yes. Some transcripts are already available on the Materials page, and others are in the process of being added.

Since these videos are such large files, they’re especially vulnerable to any network interruptions. Try replaying the session again as a new file.

Unfortunately, the videos are not available for download. We hope to add this option in the future!

All resources will remain permanently available to registered participants. Even after the capstone gathering on April 25, we hope you’ll revisit the materials if you find them helpful!

Capstone Gathering

The gathering with our teachers and participants in this exploration will take place on Sunday, April 25, 12:30 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time.

We will be using Zoom platform to host the gathering. You must register for the Zoom meeting after you have signed up for the exploration; the link to register can be found on the Materials page, or in the email you received after signing up (“Welcome to Remembering Our Reciprocity with Earth”). Once you register for the Zoom meeting, you will receive another email with instructions for joining the meeting on April 25.

We hope everyone will be able to join us live, but we will record the gathering for those who aren’t able to make it, or who wish to revisit it. We hope to have the recording posted on the Resources page by April 28.

Registration Fees

Through the generosity of our community, scholarship rates are available. Our goals is to have no one turned away from this course for lack of finances. If you would like to receive financial support, fill out our scholarship application.

Support for Groups

We very much encourage you to undertake this exploration with a group, whether existing or new, online or in-person (if it is safe to gather). However, there is no formal group registration process or directory for this program, as there are for the EcoSattva Training. We plan to support groups more explicitly in future explorations.

For this first EcoDharma Exploration, group discounts are not available, but we plan to offer them in subsequent explorations.

While it’s easy enough to share the materials and video with others in your in-person group who are not registered, we request that all who participate go ahead and register for the exploration. This helps us understand the reach of our programs and improve future offerings. If anyone lacks financial means, we are providing scholarship support.

Right here! Group Facilitator’s Guide

Please note that this guide was created with the EcoSattva Training in mind, so not all sections will be relevant to this program. But we hope it will still be a useful resource.

Groups of 6 to 10 work well, but we encourage you to do what will be most effective for your community.

There is no one right way to approach these teachings, but we have a few ideas to get you started. See “How to Use these Materials” on the landing page.

Other Questions

We have a small staff of volunteers doing our best, and will try to answer all of the e-mails we are receiving. We ask that you check this FAQ and only if your question isn’t answered here, send us your question at and we’ll do our best to get back to you.