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EcoDharma Exploration FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked questions about our monthly EcoDharma Explorations.


Explorations take place monthly, usually (but not always) on the fourth Sunday of each month. See each exploration’s program page for its date and time.

While we encourage group participation, in person or online, you are absolutely welcome to join as as an individual. Either way, you’ll find a wealth of teachings and practices to explore.

Without exception, everyone is invited to be a part of this program. Our only criterion for participation is that you engage the material with a sense of curiosity and thoroughly respect differing points of view.

Your registration includes:

  • Access to the live exploration gathering led by our featured speaker and One Earth Sangha.
  • Access to the recording of the gathering.

Gathering Information

Once you register for the exploration, you will receive a confirmation email from Zoom with gathering details and your unique link to join.

Yes, we record exploration gatherings for those who cannot attend. We try to post the recording on the program page within a week of the gathering.

Registration Fees

To maximize participation, registration for EcoDharma Explorations is now donation-based. The suggested contribution is $20 – $50, but you are not obligated to pay any amount, and we welcome larger donations. Any amount you offer is greatly appreciated.

At the time of registration, simply select “No donation” if you’re not able to make a contribution at this time. We would love to have your participation, regardless of financial circumstances.

Support for Groups

At this time, there is no specific group functionality (such as group registration or directory) for EcoDharma Explorations. We encourage you to join the live gathering with your group if you have one, but you do not need to take any extra steps to create or join a group during registration.

Other Questions

We have a small staff of volunteers doing our best, and will try to answer all of the e-mails we are receiving. We ask that you check this FAQ and only if your question isn’t answered here, send us your question at and we’ll do our best to get back to you.