Dear Teachers,

The scale of the challenge presented by Climate Change is perhaps unprecedented in human history. Already it is a cause of immense, destructive suffering to many species and ecosystems and to many of the poorest and most vulnerable people on earth. The world’s most respected climate scientists are unanimous that we indeed live in a time of emergency in which urgent action is needed.

We feel profoundly grateful for the teachings of the Buddha Dharma and we believe that they have a great deal of wisdom to offer not only to Buddhist practitioners but to wider society at this time of immense challenge. Spiritual and moral guidance is needed if we as a human society are to respond adequately and appropriately to this emergency.

We are therefore writing to ask you for your leadership, guidance and teaching as we seek to explore the relevance of the Buddha’s teachings amidst the crisis that we face. Together we need to find a wise, engaged and active Buddhist response. We wish to encourage you to reflect deeply both as individuals and as a teacher body and to speak about this issue and give guidance.

We hope that the forthcoming Teacher Meeting at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in June 2013 will provide an opportunity for teachers to discuss this issue as a matter of priority, and to begin to formulate wise, collective responses on behalf of the global Insight Meditation community. As members of this community, we are ready to engage with you as you do this.

With thanks and appreciation for your sharing of the Buddha’s teachings in a world that needs to hear them.

The Request for Teachings above was signed here on One Earth Sangha by 1,330 sangha members and, in combination with those gathered in-person and online, totaled over 2,000. You can read more about how it was presented at the International Vipassana Teachers meeting in June of 2013 and the response it has since inspired in our update from the meeting. The request is closed to new signatures.