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One Earth Action:

Contemplate Externally, Contemplate Internally

In honor of Earth Care Week, we invite you to join us for 90 minutes starting today and for the next five Sundays to contemplate externally, the state of our planet, and contemplate internally, what arises and how we might skillfully respond. The Dharma and the Sangha are here to support you. We would love for you to join. If you can’t make any of the calls, you can find the recordings here.


Here’s what you need to know:

Climate change, the greatest crisis of our civilization, threatens a sustainable environment that can support life on Earth. We have a short window of opportunity to shift this unprecedented challenge into a radically new way of being and living. Climate change has much to teach us. With mindfulness, we can see the deep interconnectedness of all systems that objectify and exploit people and planet. With mindfulness, we can turn towards inner and outer suffering, find the courage to take down our defenses and respond with wisdom and compassion. This is our calling to understand interdepence at a deep level and respond with our true nature based on that understanding. With the support of Sangha, we can awaken.

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Out of love, Insight teacher Rob Burbea asks us to boldly investigate our agenda for practice. What are its risks and and possibilities in supporting our response to a suffering world?
Beyond hope and hopelessness, how is the world calling us to emerge?
How might we surrender to the uncertainty and possibility of this moment, embracing solidarity with all life?

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