Contemplate Externally, Contemplate Internally

In honor of Earth Care Week, we invite you to join us for 90 minutes starting today and for the next five Sundays to contemplate externally, the state of our planet, and contemplate internally, what arises and how we might skillfully respond. The Dharma and the Sangha are here to support you. We would love for you to join. If you can’t make any of the calls, you can find the recordings here.


Here’s what you need to know:

Climate change, the greatest crisis of our civilization, threatens a sustainable environment that can support life on Earth. We have a short window of opportunity to shift this unprecedented challenge into a radically new way of being and living. Climate change has much to teach us. With mindfulness, we can see the deep interconnectedness of all systems that objectify and exploit people and planet. With mindfulness, we can turn towards inner and outer suffering, find the courage to take down our defenses and respond with wisdom and compassion. This is our calling to understand interdepence at a deep level and respond with our true nature based on that understanding. With the support of Sangha, we can awaken.

4 Comments on “Contemplate Externally, Contemplate Internally

  1. Hi! Good mini dharma talks with Tara, Ruth and Jack. NO visuals. Also it was really hard to get here. Easy to get signed up. Hard to get signed IN. The group conversation part was totally confusing. No visuals, though occasional momentary blips of a face and a name, and where people live, etc. Not helpful.

    IN brief, we need an easier way to Sign In the morning OF the conversation. It is not at all clear when you go to the page how or where to sign in. Frustrating.

    Break out groups were ????

    With metta, karuna, and mudita.

    • Hi Gayle,

      Thanks for your feedback on the conversations. I hope you got my email directly but I’ll share for all some improvements. We’ve sent an email to all those registered with some clarification on how to connect. Breakout groups will hopefully be a bit smoother and overall we’re making the calls a bit simpler (and work our way back into more complexity depending on how that goes). We so appreciate everyone’s interest and patience with the tech stuff. It’s a process!

      Sending you Metta.

  2. I’ve just listened to the recording of Sunday’s conversation.
    Is it possible to know how many people are actually listening to the conversation?
    It would be good to know where the people who called in were calling from as it would help me have an idea of how global the conversation is; can you ask them in the next conversation?
    Thank you

    • Hi Katherine,

      Great idea. We have over 2,100 registered and we imagine many of those won’t be able to make each call. We’ll try to remember to share on this Sunday’s call how many are actually online.

      Be well; go well!

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