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Opening our hearts to the reality of climate change is by itself a courageous practice, perhaps even radical action in a predominant culture that trains us not to be connected to our suffering. It takes courage to turn our purposeful attention towards the issue of global climate change during a time when this is uncomfortable, uncertain and unpopular. Your willingness is the stuff of transformation. Whether we work together on the One Earth Sangha project or not, we are already in sangha with you.

What follows below will orient you to our current needs, give you information about what might be involved and let you know how to follow up with us.

Photo by Kristin BarkerWe have identified what we think are a number of exciting volunteer positions with various levels of qualifications and time requirements. Some positions we can wait to fill; others are needed right away. This might seem a bit like applying for a job, and, well, it is in the sense that we’re all investing together in a process. We’re looking to build a solid team with realistic time commitments and clear roles. We’ll be focused on our tasks but also connecting to one another.

As we aspire to build a vibrant, diverse community fully engaged on climate change, you’ll notice that several positions call for some awareness of the dynamics of privilege (racial, economic, geographic, citizen status, etc.). While you might not have much experience with this topic, qualified candidates will be open to and interested in that ongoing conversation. We also have the intention of connecting to joy, as action in service of life has a way of relieving anxiety. Most of all, we wish to view our work together as practice.

Here are the roles we are looking to add to Team 1ES (Team One Earth Sangha):

Social Media Coordinator

  • Role: One Earth Sangha’s mission is to generate, cultivate, and propagate EcoDharma: wisdom and practices focused on repairing our relationships with ourselves, one another, and the whole of the Earth. As our Social Media Coordinator, you will share EcoDharma content posted on our website to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Spread the word about events taking place around the world (and online). Depending on fit and interest, may evolve into a paid role.
  • Qualifications: Strong communication and collaboration skills, as well as passion for environmental justice. Must be very comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ideal candidates will also have familiarity with a mindfulness or Dharma tradition.
  • Touch Points for Coordination: Director and web producer.
  • Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week.

Mobilization Coordinator

  • Role: Build awareness and inspire participation from our community in mass mobilizations such as the youth-led Climate Strikes. Support our members in promoting participation from their local communities and joining events together.  Liaison with mobilization leaders to support common goals and leverage strategies and resources to make the most of participation.
  • Qualifications: Strong communication and collaboration skills as well as enthusiasm for mass mobilizations. Must be very comfortable with tech solutions such as Zoom and Google Sheets. Previous organizing experience is helpful but not required.
  • Touch points for coordination: Director and Social Media Coordinator
  • Time Commitment:  flexible but 1-2 hours/week is ideal

EcoDharma and Engagement Columnists

  • Role:  We’re looking for several columnists who can craft articles on a regular but spacious basis to cover an important aspect of EcoDharma. You might interview authors, teachers and other leaders in EcoDharma. You might use some of our awesome tools to help us share an active stream of all the powerful advocacy and EcoDharma events. Or you might interview activist, science and policy experts who are rooting their engagement in the Dharma. Work with the EcoSangha network organizer to identify “field” stories to be told. Or review activism or EcoDharma related books. These original articles will be published on One Earth Sangha and we might submit for additional publication outlets such as Lion’s Roar, Buddhist Door, or Tricycle Online.
  • Qualifications: Experienced writer able to speak in the voice of One Earth Sangha.
  • Touch Points for Coordination: Director and EcoDharma editor.
  • Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs./wk, depending on how often you can publish

Associate Web Producer

  • Role: Help us import, lay out, and polish the text of our EcoDharma articles and other offerings. We host original content and republish pieces from a variety of other outlets, so your task will be to work with our senior web producer to ensure that it all appears on our site in a beautiful, legible, and consistent fashion.
  • Qualifications: Comfort with technology, specific familiarity with HTML, and strong attention to detail. Experience with WordPress and/or CSS is helpful but not required.
  • Touch Points for Coordination: Senior web producer and editorial team.
  • Time Commitment: 1-3 hours per week.

Following Up

If any of these roles sound like a good fit for your interests, skills and availability, we’ll be excited to hear from you. Send an email to gro.a1600752522hgnas1600752522htrae16007525221@tce1600752522nnoc1600752522, include the title of the position(s) you’re interested in and share your answers to the questions below. Don’t feel the need to write a big essay; feel free to keep it short and to the point. That said, if you want to share context, subtleties or your quirky personality, go for it! 

  1. Why are you interested in joining our team? What does working on One Earth Sangha represent to you?
  2. Which position are you interested in?
  3. How do your skills and experience fit the qualifications? Feel free to share additional skills beyond those we mentioned that might be of interest.
  4. Have you held other volunteer positions in the past? If so, what were some of the rewards and challenges of that work? Even if you haven’t, what do you think might be especially rewarding and challenging about working on One Earth Sangha?

Beyond answering these questions, feel free to share anything else that you think might be helpful. If it looks like you might be a good fit for one of our positions, we’ll get back to you in order to continue the conversation. Regardless, we thank you for your expression of love for the Earth and for your interest in joining us on this path.

May you know your belonging to all of life.
May you rest in natural and great peace.

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  1. Good morning from the left coast of Canada.
    While studying last night I was reading through your website and various material again. I am happy to learn that Pope Francis is not the only religious leader shining a light on our natural world and climate change.