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Video Editor

Volunteer Posting

Who We Are

The mission of One Earth Sangha is to support humanity in a transformative response to ecological crises based on the insights and practices of the Buddhist tradition. Through our Virtual EcoDharma Center, we are here to inspire, inform, and guide our members in actions that will end ecological violence. We assert that engagement is, on the one hand, essential to the spiritual path and, on the other hand, more effective and sustainable when grounded in transformative insight and authentic compassion.

We also aspire to skillfully challenge contemporary convert-Dharma culture and practices. We suggest that because the predominant Dharma traditions in the West are embedded in consumerist, militarist, hyperindividualist, white supremacist, and species-ist culture, they will have a tendency to replicate and empower these cultural patterns. Yet the Dharma itself teaches self-scrutiny. As practitioners, we can welcome challenges to what we take to be reality, to what we view as “the way things are.” This endless Dharma never lets us off the hook and yet always offers a way forward.

We invite you to learn more about our mission, strategy, and history here: About Us

Duties and Responsibilities

Between our EcoSattva Training, EcoDharma Explorations, and other EcoDharma offerings, One Earth Sangha creates and curates a large number of videos. In an online setting, the video experience plays an essential role in the way that EcoDharma and community are shared. Help us craft this vital element of our mission. We are looking for a volunteer video editor to:

  • Edit and produce recordings of live Zoom programs and pre-recorded video offerings
  • Cut videos to improve viewer experience and add One Earth Sangha-branded intros, outros, and transition clips where appropriate
  • Upload videos to our Vimeo platform and manage settings


  • Passion for One Earth Sangha’s mission (see above).
  • Experience and expertise with digital video editing.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills.
  • Experience with the freeware video editing program Shotcut is a plus, as is experience with the Vimeo streaming platform.

Position Details

  • Volunteer: 1-3 hours/week
  • Collaboration: online
  • Touch Point for Coordination: Director and/or EcoDharma Program Manager

How to Apply

Interested applicants should use the button below and complete the application form that follows.