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What does it mean to follow the path of spiritual warriorship or to be an ecosattva? The leadership council of the Shambhala Community has issued a statement exploring the role of the spiritual warrior that resonates for all Buddhist traditions.
Buddhism and the Economics of Climate Change
If economies have no essential nature, could one path forward into our climate change reality be a kind of softening—to accept the economy as a koan that helps us focus on what is right in front of us right now.
A Western Soto Zen Buddhist Statement on the Climate Crisis
The Western Soto Zen Buddhist Association's statement on the climate crisis draws from a long term commitment from this rich tradition to Earth, sustainability, and compassion.
Rising out of the experience of taking the EcoSattva Training, together, a local group is finding the inspiration, courage and determination to heal themselves and their world.
As Buddhists we are committed to the "timeless values of compassion, peace and wisdom." Ven. Bikkhu Bhodhi calls on us to mobilize in "inspired action to protect the climate."
Can Buddhist leaders and teachers advocate for social and climate justice yet steer clear of political affiliation? Bikkhu Bodhi encourages bold but non-partisan engagement, envisioning a pan-Buddhist alliance to protect of all vulnerable beings.
For the closing of gatherings, a practice of giving away any and all benefits.
Standing Up for All Children of All Species
Let's gather a strong, mindful presence this April for the People's Climate Movement. Save the dates of April 2 and 29 and then start organizing your communities for this opportunity to stand for all children of all species.
"What the Women’s March has achieved .... is the fundamental cultural shift from power over to power with .... from from competition to compassion." Dharma scholar Shaun Bartone reflects on our common cause for the dignity and liberation and all beings.
Join One Earth Sangha and the mindfulness community in walking together at the Women's March in Washington DC and in sister marches around the world.