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A Photo Essay
Through Diane Barker's eyes, we get a view of Tibet’s indigenous “people of the solitudes” even as their sacred land undergoes rapid change.
The devastation wrought by the wildfires shook one of the fundamental practices of some Australian Buddhists. An Australian Buddhist chaplain answers their question: “How can I meditate when the world literally burns around me?”
Book Review
Stephanie Kaza’s new book combines years of eloquent reflection on the development of ecodharma thought and practice with new ideas for how it can help us in the current climate crisis.
Facing Climate Change (Part Two)
The mind faced with difficulty often makes matters worse. In the conclusion of our two-part series, Bhikkhu Anālayo clarifies the role of mindfulness in managing our own potential for harm as we endeavor to respond to the cries of the world. 
Facing Climate Change (Part One)
Skillfully blending compassion and dispassion, Bhikkhu Anālayo explores early Buddhist texts to discover the fundamental role for mindfulness in meeting even the suffering of global climate crisis in this first of a two-part series.
Some would say that believing the science means admitting that it's too late, that the only reasonable response is to participate in "planetary hospice." This zen priest and climate scientist suggests otherwise.
Amid growing ecological crises, what was once the province of mystics may be to some degree required for remaining whole, connected and consistently helpful. Here at the end of 2019, we invite you to support the work of One Earth Sangha.
Buddhistdoor writer Raymond Lam describes a promising initiative that connects inner and outer practices in a region both at the heart of the Buddhadharma and on the front lines of the climate emergency.
With Manjushri's sword of wisdom, we need not shy away from the connection between extravagant consumption and the climate crisis. In this article, economics scholar Clair Brown links vast wealth inequality with ecological breakdown in the context of dominant culture's errant values ... and then she offers a better Way.
As climate crisis manifests ever more obviously all around and even within our lives, we offer Danna Faulds' invitation to remember our dedication to the truth and vital support we can offer one another.