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Thích Nhất Hạnh was a giant of modern Buddhism. In honor of his life and contributions, we share this talk reflecting on his teaching of interbeing.
An Interview with Chas DiCapua
If we’re concerned about the climate crisis, why do we struggle to talk about it? Dharma teacher Chas DiCapua offers guidance for wisely and carefully breaking the silence on the climate crisis right here and now in everyday conversations.
When illegal logging and poaching threatened their neighboring forest, a Buddhist community in Assam created a grassroots alliance to preserve it.
In this TED Talk, Sister True Dedication of the Zen Plum Village tradition uses the frame of walking practice and three simple questions to support a shift in our consciousness.
We Are Not Alone
For practitioners in hyper-individualized societies, sangha can be a neglected jewel. What possibilities emerge when we embrace the gifts and complexities of community?
Where can we find strength and balance amid upheaval? Kaira Jewel Lingo shares a message of compassionate courage from her new book.
Dr. Natalie Avalos on Indigenous Spirituality and Buddhist Allies
How might Buddhist and Indigenous wisdom help us forge a path toward structural transformation? In this interview with Buddhistdoor, Dr. Natalie Avalos examines obstacles to environmental stewardship and possible antidotes.
Buddhist Perspectives on the Natural World
Is liberation to be found in perfect transcendence of the world, or in radical embeddedness within it? Buddhist scholar Karin Meyers explores a range of Dharma perspectives on our relationship with Earth.
As another year fraught with uncertainty and peril draws to a close, Roshi Joan Halifax explores the power of wise hope, free from attachment, to bolster our engaged practice.
An Interview with Sister True Dedication
Sister True Dedication speaks to cultivating resilience and awakened climate action.