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The wandering yogi Chatral Rinpoche composed this pithy and galvanizing prayer in response to the deteriorating conditions for life on Earth.
In this prayer, Dudjom Rinpoche III calls on inner and outer protectors to help us transmute our destructive habits, which water the roots of our deepening ecological crises, into healing.
Zen activist and climate scientist Kritee presents a holistic and integrated analysis of the common roots feeding our current crises.
An economic growth paradigm that produces endless consumerism and waste can only end in ruined lives and a ruined planet. Ajahn Sucitto contends that a life lived more simply can lead not only to personal satisfaction, but to surprising systemic change.
A pioneer of engaged Buddhism in Thailand encourages social and political activism while reminding us to cultivate strength regardless of any outcome.
Ecodharma leaders David Loy and John Stanley argue that today's global crises underscore the need to replace the economic growth models that favor big corporations over people.
No Time to Lose
One of our treasured teachers and elders, Joanna Macy, guides us in considering how cultivation of resilience, relinquishment, restoration, and reconciliation can help us find a way through the civilizational collapse we see all around us.
As racial justice protests swell, compounding the COVID-19 crisis that can already feel overwhelming, the Dharma continues to offer perspectives and practices to help us navigate these samsaric waters.
Workers in any industry ought not be forced to choose between physical and financial health. And within the meat-packing industry, what of the brutal cost to animals of returning this sector to "normal"? Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi examines the layers of perverted value in a recent Trump Administration decision.
A Photo Essay
Through Diane Barker's eyes, we get a view of Tibet’s indigenous “people of the solitudes” even as their sacred land undergoes rapid change.