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Meditating in Autumn
As the northern hemisphere moves deeper into the autumn season, we offer this practice from Mark Coleman, guiding teacher One Earth Sangha. The practice is part of his new book, A Field Guide to Nature Meditation. 
Who is in the Wrong?
Animal lives are routinely sacrificed for the safety, comfort, or even convenience of humans. What would it mean to adopt a new view, one based on compassion rather than dominance?
In this five-minute practice, Dekila Chungyalpa invites us to relax into our connection with Earth.
In this guided practice, Vimalasara invites you to ground yourself, quite literally, and feel your connection with Earth.
A Poem in Honor of Endangered Species Day
If our winged, scaled, and shelled relatives could speak with us, what might they say? On Endangered Species Day, our guiding teacher Mark Coleman shares this original poem.
Training for Insights into Imperfection, Impermanence, and Relatedness
How do our root distortions, or vipallasas, lock us into patterns of suffering? And how might we get free?
An Interview with Sister True Dedication
Sister True Dedication speaks to cultivating resilience and awakened climate action.
A World in Free Fall Calls Us to Rise Up
As the old paradigm of endless growth, extraction, and exploitation proves increasingly unable to sustain its contradictions, Thanissara invites us to step fearlessly into the radical, collective transformation that is already underway.
Reading Dōgen and Snyder Anew
What can a contemporary poet and 13th century Buddhist monk teach us about systems collapse?
An Interview with Pamela Ayo Yetunde
According to Pamela Ayo Yetunde, the author of Black and Buddhist, the environmental movement needs "more empathy, not more rationales.” In this interview, she offers guidance towards such a shift.