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One Earth Sangha
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In this practice, Damchö invites us to feel into our connection and devotion to Earth.
This Very Body as Friend and Teacher
What happens when we feel a sense of separation from our own bodies? And how might reclaiming our embodiment help us deepen into wholesome relationship with other beings and with Earth?
The grief of the world can feel overwhelming. But what if opening to and expressing this grief can free us to respond authentically to the suffering all around us?
This poem by Emilie Lygren invites us to relax our vigilance—just for a moment.
The first foundation of mindfulness invites intimate awareness of our body. What happens when we understand this body to include Earth itself?
Guided Contemplative Practice on Heat
Living on a warming planet, how can we find stability in our relationship with heat? As the Northern Hemisphere observes the Summer Solstice, we share this guided practice from Adam Lobel.
Six Somatic Practices
Somatic meditation teacher Heather Sundberg shares practices to help ground us as we navigate the overlapping trauma fields of ecological crises.
A Meditation to Work with Our Eco-Distress
It's not unusual to feel daunted, frozen, or overwhelmed in the face of environmental crises. Mindfulness teacher Ratnadevi offers this practice specifically designed to help you work with eco-distress and imagine new possibilities for engagement.
In this guided practice, Vimalasara leads us in exploring our profound non-separation from Earth. What might emerge if we feel each part of ourselves as an extension of our home?
Mindfulness and Compassion as Pathways to a More Sustainable Future
In this essay, Christine Wamsler explores an overlooked driver of ecological crises—the feedback loop between the human mind and planetary systems. How might a deeper understanding of this connection transform our relationship with Earth?