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Skillful Disruption

We need a big turnaround. Happily, there is a whole lot of waking up going on.

With more than 1500 events in more than 130 countries, there is a People’s Climate March happening this Sunday near you. Join us, bring your Sangha, bring your family, friends, workmates and neighbors to this global moment where we get offline and on the ground, with each other, because we care about this life.

See, the jig is up on dividing us against each other. We get it that social and environmental issues share a common core composed of institutional forms of greed, hatred and delusion. We see the way that our systems support the delusion of separation, the objectification of people and planet. We are growing a global Sangha that understands not just the interdependence of systems of harm but also the interdependence of their undoing and replacement. We are working against institutionalized harm and for the flourishing of life. We are engaged in skillful disruption.

We invite you to view this inspiring hour-long documentary film, “Disruption,” from 350.org about climate change — the science, the politics, and the movement and then join us, however and wherever you can, this Sunday for the People’s Climate March.


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