One Earth Sangha

Action Campaigns

A Practice of Meeting Harm with Steady Love
We invite you to bring your standing practice both into the meditation hall and out in the world with you, as an act of solidarity with life.
A call to defend sacred land of the Western Apache
Mining companies are threatening to turn a sacred site into a copper pit. Many Apaches are working to defend their historic homeland, and you can help.
Protect Land, Air, and Water
The Line 3 pipeline endangers the land and waters in the North American Midwest and the communities and ecosystems downstream. Join the alliance of activists working to stop it.
Interfaith Power and Light, Faith Climate Action Week
Our partners at Interfaith Power and Light are inviting people of diverse faith backgrounds to learn about and examine their relationships to food, farming, and the earth this upcoming Earth Day.
Opportunities to Counter Structural Greed
United around a set of equity principles, this broad coalition confronts the financial sector institutions that fund climate chaos. If you're looking for a way to counter institutionalized greed, this might be a place for your practice.
A Day of Locally-Driven Actions on Behalf of All Beings
Our partners at GreenFaith are calling people of diverse faiths and spiritualities across the globe to prioritize protection of people and planet.
Buddhists from around the world have been coming together in an effort to provide aid to those battling COVID-19 on the front lines, including indigenous communities in the American Southwest.
Declare Climate Emergency Now
Initiated by Buddhist Minister, climate activist, and author Thanissara in collaboration with One Earth Sangha and a network of Dharma and activist friends, this is a call to declare a climate emergency, at all levels of society, now.
Amid growing ecological crises, what was once the province of mystics may be to some degree required for remaining whole, connected and consistently helpful. Here at the end of 2019, we invite you to support the work of One Earth Sangha.