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One Earth Sangha
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Beyond hope and hopelessness, how is the world calling us to emerge?
When we look deeply into anger, what wisdom might we discover? Dekila Chungyalpa leads this practice of developing intimacy with one of our most difficult emotions.
The world's suffering cries out for response. How can we ensure that ours is wise, loving, and effective?
This Very Body as Friend and Teacher
What happens when we feel a sense of separation from our own bodies? And how might reclaiming our embodiment help us deepen into wholesome relationship with other beings and with Earth?
For everyone who aches for peace, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer shares this poem.
Foundations of One Earth Sangha
One Earth Sangha exists in part to evolve and share EcoDharma. But how do we define EcoDharma, what does it emphasize, and why do we consider this part of our mission?
The grief of the world can feel overwhelming. But what if opening to and expressing this grief can free us to respond authentically to the suffering all around us?
The Future We’re Making in the Present
In this excerpt from their series of conversations on "meeting the climate future," Christiana Figueres, Rebecca Solnit, and Roshi Joan Halifax explore the emergence of new collective stories about ecological crises.
A Guided Meditation for the Biomes of the Earth
In this Earth-centered practice of tonglen, or sending and taking, Zen teacher Kokuu Andy McLellan invites us to breathe in the suffering of our planet's six major biomes and send out our love and compassion in exchange.
How can we live amid the anguish unfolding in the world? One possible answer is to commit ourselves to the cultivation of goodness.