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One Earth Sangha
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As wildfire threatens to engulf her home, and as the world faces disaster following on disaster, Thanissara draws courage from the extraordinary spirit of solidarity she encountered at Standing Rock.
A hurricane-ravaged landscape offers inspiration and a lesson on resilience to a photographer and student of the dharma.
An Opening Ritual for Gatherings
A Living Earth Acknowledgement is a rich practice that can remind us of our ecological nature and avail us to ways of being beyond domination.
A pioneer of engaged Buddhism in Thailand encourages social and political activism while reminding us to cultivate strength regardless of any outcome.
A Cosmic Nudge to Reimagine Ourselves
The natural and social systems that sustain us are losing their stability, observes Joanna Macy. This state of bardo, or transition, can be painful and frightening—but if we face the reality of collapse and cultivate inner stability, we can find the courage to faithfully serve all that we love.
A dharma teacher and Extinction Rebellion Buddhist explains her readiness to join the movement’s resumption of civil disobedience.
The renowned environmental activist talks with members of Thích Nhất Hạnh’s Plum Village about why we need to abandon Western hyper-individualism and consumer culture and learn to live more simply in community.
Ecodharma leaders David Loy and John Stanley argue that today's global crises underscore the need to replace the economic growth models that favor big corporations over people.
One Earth Sangha collaborators Kaira Jewel Lingo and Kritee reflect on the potential of building small, awakening communities for support and resilience.
Tibetan Rinpoche Anam Thubten analyzes the gap between climate crisis awareness and action and then urges us to leave our comfort zones, embrace the Boddhisattva ideal, and close the gap.