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One Earth Sangha
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Opportunities to Counter Structural Greed
United around a set of equity principles, this broad coalition confronts the financial sector institutions that fund climate chaos. If you're looking for a way to counter institutionalized greed, this might be a place for your practice.
Land-Based Ethics and Settler Solidarity in a Time of Corona and Revolution
We live in the legacy of colonialism, a human-, white-, and settler-centered view of reality. Buddhist scholar Natalie Avalos shows us how Indigenous and Dharma wisdom call us to live in Right Relationship with Earth and all beings.
A Day of Locally-Driven Actions on Behalf of All Beings
Our partners at GreenFaith are calling people of diverse faiths and spiritualities across the globe to prioritize protection of people and planet.
How should we live amidst vast systems of interlocking harm? Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo invites us to begin by adopting nonviolence as a way of life.
A pioneer of EcoSangha in Canada provides a fresh look at the vows at the heart of EcoSattva practice and invites us to embrace them.
Green Gulch Farm Zen Center has provided a vivid demonstration of engaged practice during the pandemic, sharing its vegetable harvests with communities in need throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Is Western Dharma willing to address its own role in ecological crises? Posed a decade ago, a beloved teacher's questions reverberate.
The wandering yogi Chatral Rinpoche composed this pithy and galvanizing prayer in response to the deteriorating conditions for life on Earth.
In this prayer, Dudjom Rinpoche III calls on inner and outer protectors to help us transmute our destructive habits, which water the roots of our deepening ecological crises, into healing.
Here at the end of 2020, so fraught with loss, what gifts can we find nestled among the common roots of darkness and light, difficulty and ease, suffering and joy?