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One Earth Sangha
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In northeastern Nepal, a destabilizing climate brings escalating uncertainty, economic hardship, and local tensions.
A Poem in Honor of Endangered Species Day
If our winged, scaled, and shelled relatives could speak with us, what might they say? On Endangered Species Day, our guiding teacher Mark Coleman shares this original poem.
Awakening and Action on Behalf of the Earth
If we drop all resistance to our situation, will we lose the ability to create change? In this article, late Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh suggests the opposite: authentically helpful action begins with profound inner peace.
How might we hold the immensity of Wynn Bruce's self-immolation without hardening into fixed view?
Reflections on a Still-Unfolding Legacy
In this talk from April 2020, One Earth Sangha co-founder Lou Leonard explored the lessons we might draw from Earth Day's history.
Dekila Chungyalpa offers a brief Tonglen practice that nourishes well-being in the face of eco-distress.
How can we fully meet the tragedies of life without collapsing or withdrawing?
With our survival at stake, why do we consistently fail to act on our ecological situation? A Catholic theologian asks what might motivate a genuine collective response.
On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April 2020, our guiding teacher Adam Lobel composed this supplication for clear seeing, compassion, and the flourishing of all life.
Training for Insights into Imperfection, Impermanence, and Relatedness
How do our root distortions, or vipallasas, lock us into patterns of suffering? And how might we get free?