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What if I can't make all the calls? Will recordings be available?
No worries. We want you there so please join those that you can. Audio recordings of all the calls will be available on this page, hopefully within a week of each call.
The dial-in numbers I received are all for the United States. What if I'm calling from outside the US?
If you are calling in from outside the US, please SEE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Otherwise, you won’t succeed in joining the call, or you might accidentally spend a lot of money unnecessarily. We want you there!
Can members of my sangha, KM group or set of friends participate as a group? How should we make the connection?
Yes, please gather your peeps to join you on the call. Break out sessions during the call will assume one caller for every connection so, if possible, everyone in the group should register and make the phone connection on separate phones. After starting the call, all but one phone, the one everyone can hear, should be silenced. Then when a break out session begins, everyone can grab their own phone, find a little space away from other callers, turn up the volume and participate in the break out. After the breakout, all phones (except the main one) can be set back to silent. There’s no harm in keeping all the phones on during the main part of the calls (for a surround sound effect!), but that might be weird.
I didn't see my location or my tradition on your list of options. What should I do?
We hear you! Please just chose the closest option and that should be fine.
I don't see my question. Now what?
Send us your question at gro.a1606335487hgnas1606335487htrae16063354871@tce1606335487nnoc1606335487 and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

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