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One Earth Sangha
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Dekila Chungyalpa leads us in a bold and caring meditation, in which grief and distress are not only allowed, but welcomed—and transmuted.
On this occasion of Earth Day, Roshi Joan Halifax calls each and every one of us to dedicate ourselves to the authentic well-being of all.
The wandering yogi Chatral Rinpoche composed this pithy and galvanizing prayer in response to the deteriorating conditions for life on Earth.
In this prayer, Dudjom Rinpoche III calls on inner and outer protectors to help us transmute our destructive habits, which water the roots of our deepening ecological crises, into healing.
Tap into the sacred power of community, even as we remain separated from one another in space. The recording of the Kuan Yin Compassion Ceremony, led by Thanissara and Kittisaro on November 8, is now available to all who wish to participate.
Background Resource
If you wish to learn the history and practice key components of the ceremony before participating, start here.
A hurricane-ravaged landscape offers inspiration and a lesson on resilience to a photographer and student of the dharma.
An Opening Ritual for Gatherings
A Living Earth Acknowledgement is a rich practice that can remind us of our ecological nature and avail us to ways of being beyond domination.
Kaira Jewel Lingo offers a set of practices to help us cultivate individual calm and support community connection, and encourages us not to give up on our collective capacity to effect social change.
"The Bodhisattva precepts extend from the idea that bodhicitta, or wise compassion, is the ground of ethical action and speech. We too can ground our activism, social engagement, and resistance in wise compassion." Lama Willa Miller offers five practices that can help us face the immense challenge of climate disruption and ecological crises in general.