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An Interview with Aidan Kankyoku
26-year-old Buddhist activist Aidan Kankyoku speaks to the evolving landscapes of direct action, and daring to be a part of the shifts.
Attending to the Emergent World Soul
Plum Village teacher Dr. Larry Ward calls us to embody the anima mundi, or “world soul,” as a skillful response to a world in crisis.
A Review of ‘This Fragile Planet’
This new publication highlights the Dalai Lama’s efforts to conserve Tibet, and the likely global ramifications of inaction.
Reading Dōgen and Snyder Anew
What can a contemporary poet and 13th century Buddhist monk teach us about systems collapse?
David Loy and Guhyapati on Expanding the Scope of Ecodharma
Guhyapati and David Loy, each co-founders of prominent EcoDharma centers, reflect on a shared history of constructive agitation and the potentials of an ecologically-oriented Dharma.
Examining the Ethics of Billionaire Blast-Offs
Justin Whitaker of Buddhistdoor reflects on the implications of Bezos' and Branson's recent expeditions.
Canada’s Bloody Indigeneous Relations and A Way Forward
As Canada continues to discover bodies of indigeneous children in unmarked graves, the country grapples with this collective trauma, as well as the question of a just response.
Roshi Joan Halifax reflects on the various manifestations of moral challenge confronting all in an age of climate crisis.
An Interview with Pamela Ayo Yetunde
According to Pamela Ayo Yetunde, the author of Black and Buddhist, the environmental movement needs "more empathy, not more rationales.” In this interview, she offers guidance towards such a shift.
A Call for Renewal, Resistance and Radical Change
In this fundamental ecodharma teaching, organizer, educator and ordained Triratna Buddhist Guhyapati asks: by rooting more in solidarity with one another than in fear, “what kind of dharma can we offer the world?”