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Fierce Compassion in the Streets
Sights and sounds from the global People's Climate March on Sunday, 21 September, 2014
Our community is invited to put Dharma into action. We have an opportunity to act, to make a difference, to lend our moral voice to this vital movement. Join us this September in New York City, online, or at local events near you.
To underscore that our practice must be sustained, not just for a single march, and to integrate Earth Day, we’re launching a month of deepening outer practice with a live, online event. Hozan Alan Senauke will join us on April 2nd to explore what it means to walk the Bodhisattva Path in these times and the practices we can undertake.
Save the date of April 2 and 29 and then start organizing your communities for this opportunity to stand for all children of all species.
Members of One Earth Sangha joined events in New York City and around the world for the People's Climate March. Buddhist teacher and climate activist, Thanissara, gives her first hand account of this moment of global compassion in action.
We make our future, minute by minute. Here is what you can do right now: in NYC and around the world, join the People's Climate March.
Brother Protection (Thay Phap Ho), a monk in the Thích Nhất Hạnh tradition, urges all of us to reach out to our fellow sangha members and encourage them to join in on The People's Climate March, Sept 21 for this global moment of consciousness.