Connecting and Supporting Local Leaders

Research shows that when acceptance of and active response to psychologically challenging issues such as climate change is demonstrated by peers, it becomes normalized and enabling of increased participation. Supporting networks of EcoSanghas, mindfulness communities with an aspiration to engage on ecological issues in some form, is therefore a central strategy in realizing One Earth Sangha’s mission.

imageEcoSanghas have emerged within our membership base as our online offerings provide the content around which local and online groups can forge strong connections. In both the 2015 and 2016 EcoSattva Training, we strongly encouraged and gave some support for groups forming to undertake the training together. Some of these groups existed before we started our work and find our content deeply enriches their offering while others, often cross-tradition, grew out of our online trainings and to continue to meet regularly.

We are excited to extend the impact, reach and sustainability of these groups by supporting their leaders. Stay tuned for simple tools such as a directory of groups that allows interested members to find EcoSanghas and for leaders to find one another. We hope to support regular online meetings of these leaders with content targeted at meeting their needs including the opportunity to build community, share skills and strategies, and collaboratively organize.

If you’re interested in helping to organize, facilitate or lead a local EcoSangha, please join our EcoSangha facilitators network!