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We do not walk this path alone.
Coming to terms with and responding to what is underway requires the support of community.

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Featured Online Course

from Our Networks

Climate, Justice, Nonviolence and Regenerative social change
Can we take the inconvenient and risky actions necessary to minimize suffering? How might taking such actions become more normal, healing, holistic, and beautiful? Can they authentically express our deepest spiritual truths?

Led by Boundless in Motion and hosted by One Earth Sangha, this course begins May 15. Applications open now.

Upcoming Events

from Our Networks

Lessons for Moving Through Change, Loss and Disruption
Based on her new book, We Were Made for These Times, Kaira Jewel Lingo leads an evening exploration of teachings to support you in difficult times.
With Trisha Stotler and Anushka Fernandopulle
Join Trisha and Anushka to reflect on our Dharma practice in relationship to nature.
Refuge, Resilience, Courage and Sacred Activism for These Times
This weekend event includes talks by Kittisaro, Thanissara, Fabrizio Giuliani, and special guest, Andrew Harvey.
Wise Action Toward a Life-Sustaining Society
Join Jessica Morey in this six-week community of practice to explore how we can apply the Buddha’s 2,500 year-old teachings to some of our most pressing collective challenges.
With Tim Ream
This six week online program is designed to educate, inspire, empower, and activate deeper and more effective Earth activism.
Questioning the Place of Humans in Multispecies Environments
This conversation series features climate researchers, activists, and Buddhist studies scholars focused on reconsidering the place of humans in an interconnected world.


from Leaders and Practioners

Stories of Community

A community is more than just a collection of people—it encompasses the way we care for each other and our world. In observance of Sangha Day, we highlight a Cambodian monastic community that exemplifies this care.