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We do not walk this path alone.
Coming to terms with and responding to what is underway requires the support of community.

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Featured Online Course

from Our Networks

Climate, Justice, Nonviolence and Regenerative social change
Can we take the inconvenient and risky actions necessary to minimize suffering? How might taking such actions become more normal, healing, holistic, and beautiful? Can they authentically express our deepest spiritual truths?

Led by Boundless in Motion and hosted by One Earth Sangha, this course begins May 15. Applications open now.

Upcoming Events

from Our Networks

Hospicing Modernity
Vanessa Machado de Oliveira’s book, Hospicing Modernity, is being called “a must-read guide for these times” and is highly regarded for its thought–provoking qualities. We invite you to join us as we read, explore, and discuss the book over eight weekly sessions.
Bearing Witness to Devastation
For more than a decade Ruth Wallen has been walking with trees, bearing witness to their increasing distress due to the intertwined impacts of beetles, both native and introduced, drought, fire, and climate change. In image and story, she will share experiences of gratitude, grief, and vision from walks taken with sequoias in the southern Sierras between 2019 and 2023.
Learning Engaged Spirituality from Christian Saints and Buddhist Bodhisattvas
Join Kaira Jewel Lingo and Father Adam Bucko for this exploration into a felt sense of contemplative practice that leads to action and allows us to engage with the world wholeheartedly.
The Four Protective Meditations
This retreat with Ayya Santacitta and Laura Bridgman brings together practices that brighten and open the mind to our highest aspirations, whilst grounding us in our immediate experience of embodiment and change.
With Deborah Burns
We’ll dive and delve into the many elements of the river of plastic that flows through our lives. We’ll discuss hydrofracking, fossil fuels, nanoplastics, recycling codes, wish-cycling, EPRs, and more. We’ll also trace our own local rivers down to the sea. And we’ll highlight the work that is being done, and things we can do, to move away from plastic.
Public Talk by Dr Oren Hanner
Dr. Oren Hanner's current research interests include the meaning of life, collective agency, and justice in Buddhism. Hybrid event.
Tending to the Heart of Our Movements
This program is designed to help folks build compassionate cultures of practice within their movements, communities, and organizations by learning to weave care-based, anti-oppressive, and healing-centered pedagogies into their leadership and facilitation.


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