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We do not walk this path alone.
Coming to terms with and responding to what is underway requires the support of community.

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Featured Online Course

from Our Networks

Climate, Justice, Nonviolence and Regenerative social change
Can we take the inconvenient and risky actions necessary to minimize suffering? How might taking such actions become more normal, healing, holistic, and beautiful? Can they authentically express our deepest spiritual truths?

Led by Boundless in Motion and hosted by One Earth Sangha, this course begins May 15. Applications open now.

Upcoming Events

from Our Networks

With Jamie Bristow and Jonathan Rose
Join Jamie Bristow — co-director of The Mindfulness Initiative and one of the world’s leaders in applying mindfulness to politics and public life — for a special discussion about the importance of mindfulness and compassion practices as we move through the ‘age of consequences’ and into a new era of planetary health.
An Engaged Buddhist Approach to Embracing the Unknown
Join Deborah Eden Tull as we enter the darker months of the year and continue to navigate uncertain times. Discover how Buddhism and spiritual traditions across the world recognize “dark times” — periods which appear as the absence of light — as a profound invitation for growth.
Connecting to Care for the Environment Through Tonglen
Tonglen practice instruction will be given every day, so beginners are welcome!
Finding Balance in Difficult Times
Through silent periods of sitting and walking, Dharma talks and discussion, James Baraz will explore the development of equanimity in our formal practice, as well as aspects of equanimity that can be applied pragmatically to our life off the cushion.
Sister Santacitta, Pawan Bareja, and Thanissara with Guest teachers.
A four-part series exploring alignment with the heart's deepest intention to live and act in alliance with Mother Nature's sacred web of life for a sustainable, equitable world.
With Nicola Redfern and Rosalie Dores
In this seven week course, Nicola Redfern and Rosalie Dores integrate Joanna Macy’s Active Hope work and the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue to explore and awaken our capacity to respond to the climate emergency together.


from Leaders and Practioners

International Dharma Teachers' Statement on Climate Change

Stories of Community

Buddhist Nuns in Ladakh Fight Climate Change
An alliance of Tibetan Buddhist nuns is responding to ecological breakdown with medical, environmental, and spiritual care.