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Transition-Prayer for Collective Sense-Making


How might we surrender to the uncertainty and possibility of this moment, embracing solidarity with all life?
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This prayer, a practice of Aloka Earth Room, is an invitation to stay present amid the vast uncertainty of global transition. Gautama Buddha, Pachamama Alliance, Vanessa Machado de Oliviera, Bayo Akomolafe, Lynn Murphy, Alnoor Ladha have been influences on its weaving.

Aloka Earth Room hosts weekly practice sessions to explore new and ancient ways of being in this time of peril and possibility. Ayya Santacitta and the Sangha warmly invite you to join this Earthworm Practice for the Anthropocene. Recordings of past guided meditations can be found here.

Transition-Prayer for Collective Sense-Making

© Teemu Paananen from Unsplash

At AER, we are engaged in an inquiry on how to adapt, create resiliency and become more attuned to the current cultural context of the anthropocene (late-stage modernity/capitalism/kali-yuga).

To be a contributing force for cultural evolution, we need to embody new and ancient ways of being. This requires great acts of courage as we shed our old belief systems, programming and stories.

We recognize that the evolutionary force that puts the stars in motion is moving through us and is a dynamic, self-organizing process whose grace and guidance we can trust.

Our vision is a future in which everyone knows that we are part of an intelligent, living earth.

As a living laboratory, we are holding questions of how to decolonize our minds from the dominant culture of capitalism, patriarchy, racialized hierarchies, scarcity logic and oppressive systems of control.

How do we become stewards in service of all life, while walking the Buddha’s Noble-8 Fold-path?

Our prayer is to create an imprint of lived possibility in solidarity with all life, in dialogue with the living planet, and in service to the collective transition.

I trust & surrender to the guidance of the Dharma, Bio-Intelligence & Emergence. I want to serve the letting go of old forms & emergence of the new until enlightenment.

The Aloka Earth Room Transition prayer is a work in progress and is available at the Aloka Earth Room. It is printed here with permission.

Picture of Santacitta Bhikkhuni

Santacitta Bhikkhuni

Santacitta Bhikkhuni was born in Austria and did her graduate studies in Cultural Anthropology, focusing on dance, theatre and ritual. She also worked in avant-garde dance theatre as a performer and costume designer. In 1988 she met Ajahn Buddhadasa in southern Thailand, who sparked her interest in Buddhist monastic life. She trained as a nun in England and Asia from 1993 until 2009, primarily in the lineage of Ajahn Chah. Since 2002, she has also received teachings in the lineage of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Santacitta Bhikkhuni co-founded Aloka Vihara in 2009 and received Bhikkhuni Ordination in 2011. She is committed to Gaia as a living being and resides at Aloka Earth Room, currently located in San Rafael, CA.
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