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To What Am I Committed?


In this practice, Damchö invites us to feel into our connection and devotion to Earth.
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From the Practice

How does it feel to imagine ourselves acting on environmental issues as a political issue for us versus as an ethical issue or a philosophical issue?

Let’s see if we can connect with a space inside ourselves where we would hold environmental issues as part of our spiritual practice and think about environmental issues as spiritual issues. Where is that place inside ourselves where we receive the Earth in a spiritual relationship?

How would it feel to experience our interconnectedness with all of the more than human world as a spiritual kinship? Can we rest for a few moments experiencing ourselves as kin to all beings and all the world as a web of kinship?

This guided meditation followed the dharma talk Buddha and the Earth Goddess (Exploring Buddhism and Ecology 1). The transcript of this practice can be found here: To What Am I Committed – Transcript

Picture of Damchö Diana Finnegan

Damchö Diana Finnegan

Damchö is spiritual director and a founder of Comunidad Dharmadatta, one of the largest Buddhist practice communities serving Latin America. Dharmadatta Community understands the path to liberation to be a primarily collective rather than individual path. In her teachings, Damchö transmits an earth-based vision of the Dharma in which care for our more-than-human kin is integral to spiritual practice. She has a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in gender and ethics in Sanskrit and Tibetan Buddhist narratives, and is translator and co-editor of Interconnected: Embracing Life in our Global Society.
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