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stories of engagement

Buddhist Monastics Practice Forest Protection
Moved by intimate awareness of dependent co-arising, monastics in Southeast Asia have become leaders in protecting their local environment.
Green Gulch Farm Zen Center has provided a vivid demonstration of engaged practice during the pandemic, sharing its vegetable harvests with communities in need throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
One of Cambodia's most prominent, socially-engaged Buddhist scholars leads efforts to provide not only spiritual but material relief to victims of flooding and the COVID pandemic.
A veteran advocate and teacher of socially engaged dharma offers six practices to help us better face the climate emergency, as individuals and in community.
As wildfire threatens to engulf her home, and as the world faces disaster following on disaster, Thanissara draws courage from the extraordinary spirit of solidarity she encountered at Standing Rock.
The renowned environmental activist talks with members of Thích Nhất Hạnh’s Plum Village about why we need to abandon Western hyper-individualism and consumer culture and learn to live more simply in community.
No Time to Lose
Young people are voicing grief about the loss of their world—and organizing to stop it. Kirsten Rudestam, a young dharma teacher herself, asks us to heed their calls.
No Time to Lose
How do we navigate the intersecting griefs of personal loss and centuries of systemic racial oppression? Belvie Rooks's journey toward healing shines a powerful light amid the darkness of state violence and ecological destruction.
With pervasive uncertainty and heightened fear surrounding COVID-19, Roshi Joan Halifax’s reflections on the occasion of her climate protest offer useful wisdom: “this situation was the perfect time and place to practice.”
Compassion in Action Around the World
Like the Boddhisattva with a thousand hands, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation's 10 million members are providing relief to victims of climate disasters and other humanitarian crises around the world. Founder Master Cheng Yen clarifies for all involved, compassion is realized only through action.