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Spiritual Reflection, Practices, and Resilience

Lama Rod Owens, Yuria Celidwen, and Rev. Fletcher Harper in conversation with Mary Evelyn Tucker


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On day 3 of the RITA Summit (Resilience in the Anthropocene) Mary Evelyn Tucker moderated this conversation between Lama Rod Owens, Yuria Celidwen, and Rev. Fletcher Harper.

Join Lama Rod Owens for our EcoDharma Exploration on March 24th. Drawing from his newest book, The New Saints, Lama Rod will guide us in exploring themes around climate anxiety, the harm of individual and collective narcissism, and connecting to the awakened consciousness of the earth as well as the sky.


I want to ask us to wrestle with excessive comfort with dialogue and insufficient courage for confrontation.

Rev. Fletcher Harper

We have to unroot the impact of these systems in our bodies and minds in order to see the change we want to see and I don’t know if I see enough people wanting to engage in that rigorous labor. It’s more than contemplative work. They think that all they have to do is show up to the protest, write a letter, or become a vegan and buy an EV or live off the land. It’s actually quite more than that. It’s the work of changing how we understand who we are and that we belong to the phenomenal world and we belong to communities and how I show up in the world has a direct impact on systems, communities and relationships all around me … it’s slow and multi-generational.

Lama Rod Owens

My ancestors give me a lot of hope, they survived chattel slavery, and made it possible for me to be in the world, a lot freeer. I came from people who struggled, who survived and who have always centered joy.

Lama Rod Owens

I see hope as a trap, as a way of avoiding the realities of the world, because this idea of hope perhaps comes from disempowerment of thinking, that there is going to be an entity or something else that is going to solve the problem, and it’s not taking responsibility for what our part is in changing this problem. So rather I like to see it as a commitment. Commitment pushes the responsibility, pushes awareness of what can I do … and understanding that the commitment is timeless.

Yuria Celidwen

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