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One Earth Sangha
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Reflections on an Eco-Advisory Retreat for Dharma Leaders
In March 2023, 21 EcoDharma practitioners gathered to connect, practice, and exchange ideas on nourishing the Buddhist response to ecological crises. David Loy shares some of the insights and vital questions that emerged.
A Conversation with Kritee Kanko
In this wide-ranging conversation, Kritee Kanko speaks to the power of Dharma practice to help us care for ourselves amidst ecological breakdown, clearly see the spiritual and political roots of our planetary crisis, and act in solidarity with our communities.
Six Somatic Practices
Somatic meditation teacher Heather Sundberg shares practices to help ground us as we navigate the overlapping trauma fields of ecological crises.
An Open Letter from Rob Burbea
On the third anniversary of his death in May of 2020, we share this letter from Rob Burbea challenging dharma leaders to embrace the full implications of its ethical demands.
It can be tempting to cast humanity as an unambiguous villain in the unfolding story of Earth. But how might a more nuanced understanding support our engaged practice?
In the blasted landscape of an atomic test site, Anita Barrows reflects on our inescapable intimacy with Earth—and with the wounds dominant cultures have inflicted.
In this practice, Dr. Yuria Celidwen invites us to feel into the unbroken lineage of living beings that have brought us into being.
The Original Joy of Simply Being Alive
The ethos of consumerism urges us to see the world as a means to our satisfaction—a satisfaction that never arrives. In this essay, Tiffani Gyatso invites us to reexamine our relationship with the rhythms of life.
Demand for Statehood and Ecological Protections in Northern India
In Ladakh, India, a coalition of political and religious leaders is organizing to safeguard human rights, cultural heritage, and environmental well-being.
An Interview with Renée Lertzman by Sam Mowe
How might we skillfully work with the emotional dimensions of ecological crises? In this interview, Renée Lertzman explores the challenges—and potential gifts—of eco-anxiety.