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One Earth Sangha
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Faith traditions the world over gathered on June 12 to inspire protection of sacred Earth. The live webinar we offered on that day featuring Jayna Geiber from the Order of Interbeing is available here.
Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith observes, "it is our sacred duty to protect the vulnerable, to provide for the future of our children, to show compassion to the earth. Today, we accept this responsibility."
In a pure blessing of practice, contemplation and science, the late Zen teacher Robert Aitken offers these daily practices to inform a deeply grounded being. Happy Earth Day.
We invite you to join and share the call to governments from faith communities around the world for a decisive, wise and compassionate response.
Retreat for Academicians and Activists
One of the emerging voices in EcoDharma, Kritee Kanko, wants you to join her this summer in the high desert for contemplation practice and an exploration of appropriate response.
Emerging leaders in climate justice have an opportunity to come together with other faith traditions for a unique training opportunity. Who in your community is ready for this challenge?
What can an immersion in the wild reveal? David Loy and Johann Robbins offer their perspective on a powerful avenue for investigating the nature of mind.
On Saturday, 19 March 2016 at 8:30 p.m., a rolling hour of renunciation will encircle the world. How will you practice this Earth Hour?
Kritee (Kanko) and Lou Leonard explore what it means to be a climate activist in secular civil society while walking the Buddhist wisdom path.
Join the Thích Nhất Hạnh community at Deer Park in Southern California for this special retreat to grow in our energy and skillful means as we engage the great perils of our time.