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One Earth Action:

Earth Holding and Protecting

Engaged Buddhist Theme Weekend


On April 11-13, 2014, Deer Park Monastery held an engaged Buddhism weekend retreat designed to nurture Earth Holding practices among the participants. Over the weekend special sessions were facilitated by Dharma Teacher Thay Phap Ho and Order of Interbeing members Heather Mann and Nomi Green. For the remainder of their time participants allowed the Deer Park Sangha to be their teacher and friend on the path as they participated in the regular schedule of monastery life including sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful meals together with the whole community.

Deer Park Monastery has coined the term “Earth Holding Practice” for the sustainable methods of community living they have developed as a product of their commitment to minimize their environmental impact. Immersing themselves in these joyful lifestyle choices was an integral part of the workshop participants’ experience.

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On the occasion of Vesak we are invited to contemplate whether the real world objects emblematic of our tradition are aligned with its teachings.

A Story of Local Community

A Seattle-based group is coming together to cultivate wisdom, compassion and energy for action.
The world's suffering cries out for response. How can we ensure that ours is wise, loving, and effective?

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