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EcoSattva Training FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked questions pertaining to One Earth Sangha’s EcoSattva Training.


Whenever you like! All eight sessions of the training are now available. You will retain access to these materials indefinitely and can explore them at your own pace.

While we encourage group participation, in person or online, you are absolutely welcome to join the training as an individual.

Without exception, everyone is invited to be a part of this training. Our only criteria for participation with others is that you engage the material with a sense of curiosity and thoroughly respect differing points of view.

Your registration includes:
  • Access to all session materials on the Course Resources page: session videos, opening and closing rituals, practices, and optional follow-up resources.
  • All course materials will be available indefinitely to registered participants.
  • We invite you to reach out to members of your local community or to form an online group to do the training together. Group members receive a discount on registration. Learn more about groups and create one here.

Accessing Sessions

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to our Course Resources page where all materials, including session videos, are available.

We request that you don’t. Registrations support our operations, as well as helping us understand the reach of our training and improve future offerings. However, we do not turn anyone away due to lack of funds. We provide scholarship support for anyone who cannot afford the full registration fee.

All video segments have closed captioning for accessibility. Our goal is to provide transcripts as well; if you are interested in helping us with this project, please contact us.

Since these videos are such large files, they’re especially vulnerable to any network interruptions. Try replaying the session again as a new file.

Unfortunately, the videos are not available for download. We hope to add this option in future trainings!

All course resources will remain permanently available to registered participants. Please feel free to go at your own pace!

Live Conversations

Separate from when you (and ideally your group) might be gathering for each of the sessions, we hosted monthly live gatherings for all participants.

Gatherings have concluded for this version of the training. These monthly sessions will resume in the fall with the launch of the newest version of the training.

A recording of the October 10 gathering, Standing in Solidarity, is available now.

The rest of the EcoSattva Training Live Gatherings focused primarily on connection in small groups. Due to this format, most were not recorded.

Registration Fees and Dana

Through the generosity of our community, scholarship rates are available. Our goals is to have no one turned away from this course for lack of finances. If you would like to receive financial support, fill out our scholarship application.

We invite you to engage in the practice of Dana, or generosity, to support the teachers of these trainings and the work of One Earth Sangha. Each individual session page provides a link to make a donation.

EcoSanghas: Training as a Group

The Training is better together! Members of registered groups can pay a reduced rate. As a part of group registration, group organizers will receive a special registration link to allow their members to sign up at a 25% discount. Groups need only three members to qualify.

While it’s easy enough to share the materials and video with others in your in-person group who are not registered, we request that all who participate in more than one session go ahead and register for the training. This helps us understand the reach of our training and improve future offerings. If anyone lacks financial means, we are providing scholarship support.

You can use the invitation template on this page as a starting point for spreading the word about the course and your group!

Find a an online or in-person group on our Groups Directory. If you don’t see one that works with your schedule, consider creating one! Register your group here and consider listing it on our groups directory to attract members.

That said, you are absolutely welcome to join the training as an individual and we hope that you will!

To receive the group member rate, your group need have only three members. After that, there is no set size to a group. Each participant in a group registers individually for the course at the group rate (see our explanation of registration fees). Groups of 6 to 10 work well but we encourage you to do what will be most effective for your community.

Yes, if the group rate is not affordable, group members can apply for scholarship support. Since the discounts cannot be combined, individuals should apply for the full amount of support needed. Apply for a scholarship before you register for the training. If your scholarship application is approved, you will receive a special link from One Earth Sangha to sign up at the scholarship rate. Use this registration link instead of the link you may have received from your group facilitator.

Other Questions

We have a small staff of volunteers doing our best, and will try to answer all of the e-mails we are receiving. We ask that you check this FAQ and the discussion forums and only if your question isn’t answered there, send us your question at and we’ll do our best to get back to you.