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We’re just getting started and we can’t do this without you.
Our community of teachers and sangha members have been contemplating, speaking and acting in response to our relationship with the earth and climate change for some time.  There is much to harvest!  Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Join the Sangha – join our mailing list, like us on facebook and/or follow us on twitter or instagram to stay current with our offerings of dharma and events
  • Join or organize events – Meet up with fellow practitioners at rallies and demonstrations, find meetings, retreat and workshops focused on Dharma and the Earth. You name the time and place, our list of Sangha Events is open to everyone.
  • Join our team!  See the list of open volunteer positions here.
  • Contribute your ideas for what we can do together by leaving a comment on a page.
  • Update us on what your sangha is doing by sending an email, leaving a comment or sharing a link to website.
  • Got Earth-Dharma?  We’re inviting teachers and writers to write a short article about why caring about the earth an expression of the Buddhist path or what Buddhism have to offer the way we see ourselves in relation to the earth.
  • Tell us about wise speech and action by sending us an email or a link to an online article
  • Share your own photos.  Imagery brings our site to life and helps to tell the story, beautiful and terrible, of the way things are.

You might have other ideas about how to help so send us an email to gro.a1611221441hgnas1611221441htrae16112214411@tce1611221441nnoc1611221441 and let us know what you have in mind.

Thank you for your practice!

4 Comments on “Get Involved

  1. Ecosattva Training Series – Please clarify some discrepancies among the pages describing the program… $54 or $56? How many sessions between the 2 live sessions? Thanks for all you do! Hoping to gather a group to participate, having done the first all-live program. Cheers!

    • Hi Deborah,

      Yikes! Thanks for catching this inconsistency. The individual price is $54. Apparently I had trouble at one point dividing $108 by 2.

      In Sangha,

  2. I’m joining a Climate Action Group in our local sangha in Seattle, and some of the members have already taken the Ecosattva training. Is it possible to do the training at this late date? Or will another series be offered in the near future?

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