Sustainable Compassion for Climate and Social Justice Activists

Sustainable Compassion for Climate and Social Justice Activists
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Date(s) - Sep 4, 2020 - Sep 7, 2020
All Day

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

Event Sponsor and Host
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

with Rebecca Bradshaw, Chas DiCapua, and
Devin Berry

From the organizer:

Working in the environmental and social justice fields can be challenging and at times discouraging; learning how to forge compassion that is sustainable is the key to staying engaged and joyful over the long run. The brahmavihāras, or “heavenly homes,” are four qualities of a caring heart that work together to develop strong, resilient, and wise love. In this weekend program we will develop the Buddhist heart meditations of loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity. We will share our struggles and our successes and support each other in expressing our passion and compassion for this earth and the people who live on it.

Learning Intentions:

To recognize how the passion for social change can be uplifted and supported by the Buddhist practice of cultivating the brahmavihāras; to understand how the four brahmavihāras support and balance each other; to learn a variety of techniques for practicing the brahmavihāras; to apply the brahmavihāras in work and daily life; and to experience increased resilience in environmental and social justice activism.

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This event is hosted by Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.
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