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One Earth Sangha
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Upcoming Events from Our Networks

One Earth Sangha shares local and online events from around the world that express a Buddhist / mindfulness response to ecological crises.

If you would like to suggest an event for inclusion, use the "Contact Us" link in the footer to let us know.

With Charity Kahn
Charity will guide you in sitting meditation, walking meditation, Qigong practice, and wandering in nature. We’ll connect with body as Earth, and our inter-being with all.
A Bi-monthly Climate Gathering
Grounded in meditation practice and the skillful means of council, this gathering aims to be a holding space for contemplative witnessing, a space for discovery of something deeper within ourselves. It offers a coming together for people concerned with the climate crisis to find the space between burnout and bypass, a place to hold our “inner” climate, our storm of emotions and urgency.
With Hoshi Rhonda V. Magee
The “Gathering Dharma” Sunday series is about compassion, connection and collective action. It is a time to explore social and environmental engagement and to affirm our vows in a time of great challenge on our earth.
Each session will include grounding skills, community sharing, Buddhist practices and how they can support us in this time, and information on the science and positive initiatives. James Lowe, Ram Appalaraju, and Jeanne Corrigal will join us.
With Kathleen Hoêtsu Battke
Ecosattva Councils focus on bearing witness to and dealing with ecological crises and climate change. All members are invited to join, listen and share, especially those active in eco projects as their social engagements.
Finding Refuge in an Earth Based Lineage
Join Lama Willa Blythe Baker and Lama Liz Monson for this year-long interactive online series exploring the deepest promise of our spiritual practice. This journey is not about soothing anxiety or finding calm amidst chaos. It's about attending to our collective trauma, embracing the truth of non-separation, and rewilding our souls to align with the wisdom and love flowing through all of existence.
With Janet Gyatso
In our three sessions together we will focus on developing our compassion and commitment to animal welfare through Buddhist-inspired practices. We invite both animal lovers and those with little sympathy for animals; our goal is to amplify our appreciation of the value of animals and reinforce our commitment to act ethically towards them.
A Hybrid Retreat on Crazy Wisdom
In these dark days, when our world is facing tremendous challenges, the question of how to respond to the suffering we see and experience is front and center. What tools can we draw on? What ways of being, acting, and attending can we access to discover the resilience and compassion we need to grow into this time? Join Lama Liz Monson and Matthew Bellows for this hybrid retreat.
Online Course
We welcome you to join us for a seven-week adventure to nurture insight, compassion, community, and mindful action in service of the Earth.
With Lama Rod Owens
With The New Saints, Lama Rod shares a guidebook for becoming an effective agent of justice, peace, and change. Combining personal stories, traditional teachings, and instructions for contemplative and somatic practices, he shares inspiring resources for self-exploration and wise action.