Challenging Times: Green Spaces, Buddhism, and Interconnectedness

Challenging Times: Green Spaces, Buddhism, and Interconnectedness
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Date(s) - Aug 12, 2020
7:00 pm BST - 8:00 pm BST

Event Sponsor and Host
John Marder and Sharron Harrison

From the organizer:

This webinar is an opportunity to explore more deeply the Buddhist understanding of interconnectedness and how we human beings are integral to natural processes.

John Marder will be giving an overview of green spaces in all their diversity from rewilding to sustainable urban gardening, suggesting actions we can take and ways in which we can reconnect with the natural world. Following this Sharron Harrison will share her experience of ‘gleaning’ with young people and sharing the produce with local food share cafes. There will be opportunities for discussion in small groups and the larger forum.

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This event is hosted by John Marder and Sharron Harrison.
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