14th Annual Wilderness Canoe Eco-Dharma Meditation Retreat

14th Annual Wilderness Canoe Eco-Dharma Meditation Retreat
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Date(s) - Aug 27, 2015 - Sep 6, 2015
All Day

Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River (start in Moab, UT)

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This wilderness canoe Eco-Dharma Meditation retreat on the Green River offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. The beauty of the canyons and the spaciousness of the river naturally work to quiet the mind, while practicing meditation and canoeing as a group develop a strong sense of connection and community.

The unique retreat format is designed to encourage exploration of the ways that meditation and spiritual practice in wild nature can nourish an ecological and social consciousness based on wisdom and compassion rather than anxiety and anger. The schedule includes daily mindfulness meditation (including instruction), talks, experiential exercises, one-on-one and small group meetings with teachers, and ample time for discussion of relevant themes and experiences. The focus will be on cultivating a direct experience of being/nature, and will include a two night solo.

Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River is an ideal place for this type of experience. This remote wilderness adjacent to Canyonlands National Park in Utah is extraordinarily beautiful, peaceful and pristine, with 45 river miles of rock walls, secluded beaches, and side canyons.


These are challenging times. Progress on national environmental policy is largely stalled while problems such as global climate change, proliferation of dangerous chemicals in the environment, and species extinction worsen day by day. At the same time the influence of big money in the political world is more powerful than ever. Consequently, some people are experiencing weariness and frustration, and/or a loss of purpose. Some may feel trapped with no end in sight. Some may have sunk into apathy or despair. The truth of Dukkha (stress, suffering) is clear. And we have our path.

This retreat is not a forum for policy discussion, strategic problem solving, or organization building. It is a deeply personal exploration of what is motivating and nourishing in your life, and strengthening how you are connecting, both inwardly and outwardly, with spirit and nature. The retreat will help you deepen your connection to nature and your spiritual path. It will help you to become more connected, engaged and motivated, better prepared to face challenges with compassion and wisdom, and to find creative, non-dualistic strategies for working with things as they are.

The retreat is limited to just 17 participants. Here you will find complete information about the retreat. To register use the separate registration form, and then print out this information and study it carefully. If you have any questions after a careful reading email gro.a1606613420hgnas1606613420tnena1606613420mrepm1606613420i@nna1606613420hoj1606613420 or call 303-955-1136.

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