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As we begin to emerge from Covid-19 restrictions, psychotherapist Emma Palmer calls into question our 'right to travel,' including the spiritual pursuit version.
Land-Based Ethics and Settler Solidarity in a Time of Corona and Revolution
We live in the legacy of colonialism, a human-, white-, and settler-centered view of reality. Buddhist scholar Natalie Avalos shows us how Indigenous and Dharma wisdom call us to live in Right Relationship with Earth and all beings.
Green Gulch Farm Zen Center has provided a vivid demonstration of engaged practice during the pandemic, sharing its vegetable harvests with communities in need throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Here at the end of 2020, so fraught with loss, what gifts can we find nestled among the common roots of darkness and light, difficulty and ease, suffering and joy?


What food systems might be possible when we prioritize the wellness of beings and ecosystems over profit-making?
One of Cambodia's most prominent, socially-engaged Buddhist scholars leads efforts to provide not only spiritual but material relief to victims of flooding and the COVID pandemic.
A journey to an ancient landscape inspires a British ecopsychologist and dharma practitioner to reflect on the contraction of her life during the pandemic and how Buddhist teachings help her stay open.
With the U.S. poised to exit the Paris Climate Agreement, architects Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac describe how a Buddhist perspective still provides hope for its realization.
A hurricane-ravaged landscape offers inspiration and a lesson on resilience to a photographer and student of the dharma.
A Cosmic Nudge to Reimagine Ourselves
The natural and social systems that sustain us are losing their stability, observes Joanna Macy. This state of bardo, or transition, can be painful and frightening—but if we face the reality of collapse and cultivate inner stability, we can find the courage to faithfully serve all that we love.