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A Poem in Observance of World Poetry Day


In recognition of World Poetry Day, we highlight “Sangha,” a piece from somatic healer Suzy Loeffler. May it support your practice.
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In celebration of the 22nd World Poetry Day on March 21, we offer Suzy Loeffler’s “Sangha” as a remembrance of the possibility of finding nurturance in the Here-ness of communal refuge. The poem serves as an offering of togetherness both horizontally, with our living Dharma-practitioners, and vertically, with those whom we never knew in the flesh. We hope it will provide you with the felt sense of very real sanctuary.

Wildflowers at Sunset
©Kevin M. Gallagher, Emergent Resilience
Island of Trees at Sunset
© Dave Hoefler on Unsplash


Thank you for this space,
to be ourselves,
Thank you for the silence
to hear our individual hearts
beat, together.
Thank you for the listening
that arises from Here.

Thank you for this space
to allow tears
of grief to gather
with tears of joy and
flow together
in this ocean of our being.

Thank us for holding this
Space together.
Thank us for letting go of judgment,
dissolving barriers, opening up,
so, there is a safe place
for all, Here.

Group of Flamingos
© Marko Blažević from Unsplash

Here together
there is even space
for the mountains, the rivers,
and the sunrise too.
Here is a place for all
to let worry, and doubt, swirl
with courage and faith, in the wind’s
breath of change.

Thanks to the earth
who has provided this place,
this space to be held,
and to hold
Thanks to those who walked
here before us
May they embrace us too
as we learn what it means to be
Here Together.

This poem was originally published on Earth Dharma. It is reproduced here with permission.

Picture of Suzy Loeffler

Suzy Loeffler

Suzy Loeffler is a Massage Therapist who integrates diverse body work and somatic techniques to help clients connect to the unique healing capacity they possess. She spends as much time as possible exploring the natural world, and weaves this relationship into all of her work. Writing has become a practice that allows her to listen more deeply to all that arises and express what she discovers in that spaciousness.
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